🦔Otis is Resurected😇

  1. Why did you choose this book? I chose this short story because it was a this American life story that I really liked and Nisrene said that I could do a blog post on it if I read along. I really like the striking reality of this story. 2. Explain the plot of the […]

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I believe in chance and karma but not on an astronomical or mystical level. I just think that if you do good things and be nice to other people, other people will be naturally nice to you. Some people have lucky charms or totems; I don’t want to totally discount this theory for fear of […]

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🕹Ready Player one🐣

1. Why did you choose this book? I chose this book because I had heard great things about it from Ryden and other friends, Then I was at My friend Ernesto’s Friend’s house watching Olympic Floor Mopping Aka Curling and he happened to have a copy of the book and I borrowed it, the rest […]

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Some objects that are special to me are: My collection of baseball cards because baseball is a tradition in my family My small but growing collection of SHN theatre “playbills” because broadway is life My collection of lead painted collectors superhero chess pieces because I’m a total superhero nerd My stuffies because they are cushy, […]

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🤓Good Deeds Gone Bad😱

“No good deed goes unpunished” This statement represents the idea that even if you try to do good deeds those good deeds will always backfire. To me this statement has a fairly defeatist policy because It teaches somebody to stay away from doing good or bad deeds because they will always end up badly. I think that […]

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If we did not have words to give certain things meaning the human race would not communicate in the vocalized or written ways we do now, they would be non – existent. We would be able to experience things but we would not be able to articulate those aforementioned experiences to another being. There is […]

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