🔫TKAMB #1🐦

  • All people are created equal

Yes, I think that all humans were “created equal on this earth and should not be treated any differently for any particular trait they may have. From a socio-economic standpoint, because of some peoples economic standing in society they may not be regarded in an equal status with a richer person. As part of our modern racial culture, simply, sometimes some groups are regarded as inferior or lesser in society. (These are not my views.)

  • Girls should act like girls

For this question, I would firstly ask you to define what a girl should or should not be. In todays culture that is an exceedingly impossible question to answer, each girl should be able to define their own version of this question because every person is different.

  • “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you”

I strongly disagree with this statement because while words cannot physically hurt you, they can definitely hurt you emotionally. No matter how much you try to fight it and tell yourself your fine, it will mostly still get to you.

  • No one is all bad or all good

I don’t really now what to make of that question because you would like to think that there is someone that is all good, but realistically there probably isn’t; this was a hard one for me because I don’t really know if I could take a side in the argument. I will air on the side that no human is perfect so this concept would be impossible

  • No one should be above the law

I completely agree with this, even the president the one confirming the laws should almost definitely not.  If people in power break the law then there would be nothing to punish them. This is the basis for most of the tragedies in modern political history, the top 1% doing something wrong in any place, not just the U.S.! This mistake often leads to someone lower on the food chain getting impacted.

  • Some words are so offensive they should not be spoken or written

This is another hard question because, yes there are some horrible words but in cases such as the N-word were a certain group of people are still “allowed” to say it. I think that no word is too horrible that none should be allowed to say it, I just think that we should learn from our pat mistakes and should be cautious about what we say.

  • When the law does not punish criminals, individuals should do so

For this answer, it depends on the situation, in a situation such as the one exercised with in TKAMB it is not okay because they went after the man on grounds of small scale genocide, in the role of Atticus Finch, he acted in a way that was admirable, to protect the man who was being victimized. To recap, I think that depending on the grounds on which you are acting it is okay to act above the law.

In class we were asked to answer these questions from the powerpoint, I am going to do so above exercising my opinions on these subjects.



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